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Praise for Cynthia Owens's Books






Deceptive Hearts - Cynthia Owens is an excellent storyteller and Deceptive Hearts has everything a read needs. This author wrote a touching story with loving characters with high emotions! I loved her two main characters Shane MacDermott and Lydia Daniels. Shane was one of those Wild Geese, Irish young men, forced to leave Ireland for America; he was also a hero of the Irish Brigade. This historical Irish story was very well written, filled with suspense, tenderness, intrigue and love! She is a high quality writer and one of my favorite authors for Irish romances! I could not put it down. Ms. Owens's books never disappoint me! 

~ Mirabelle, Amazon


Keeper of the Light – Cynthia Owens has done it again. I got captivated by her Irish historical romance. She has me hooked to her series. I loved her two main characters Cathal Donnelly, an Irish rebel and Laura Bainbridge, a British young lady. You will need to read their beautiful story to get all the details. Ms. Owens is an author that pulls me into her story and I can't put it down. It's fast-paced, very well written and a breathtaking Irish romance! Let yourself be carried away by Owens’ strong characters and fascinating story filled with tenderness and passion.

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon

My Dark Rose - I'm a big fan of Cynthia Owens's series The Wild Geese!  I loved her charming characters. [My Dark Rose] is a well written Irish fiction filled with romance that ends on a forever love note!

~ Nicole Laverdure, Amazon

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