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The Irish Hearts are Here!

It’s finally spring! After a late-season snowstorm, the birds are singing, the grass is slowly turning green, and I have high hopes of seeing flowers very soon. I love this time of rebirth!

And speaking of rebirth, I’m debuting a new series this May—well, a sort of new series. 😊 On May 31st, I’ll releasing my 2014 novel, Everlasting, under my Claddagh Publications brand.

Those of you who have read my Claddagh Series might remember this book. The heroine is Shannon Flynn, a peripheral character in that series. Though the book was released as part of the Claddagh Series, it’s not really set “in” Ballycashel. And since there’s more story to tell about the village of Kilgory and its people, I decided to release it as Book 1 of the Irish Hearts series.

The second book, also a re-release, will be Reluctant Betrayer, which features Liam’s brother, Aidan, and Maura Riordan. I hope to release Betrayer in January, 2025, followed shortly after by Book 3, The Landlord’s Daughter. This story features Neil Riordan, Maura’s rebel brother, and Grace Bennington, daughter of--your guessed it--the local landlord. There will also be a Book 4, but I’ll share those details at a later date.

I’m really excited about this new series. I fell in love with the people of Kilgory. I hope it’s a place you’ll want to visit—and re-visit—through the pages of my books.


Stay tuned for more news about the Irish Hearts!

"Cynthia Owens

never disappoints!"

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