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Christmas. A time of joy and celebration, when dreams come true, and angels walk the earth.

Mistletoe and Shamrocks ~ Three stories of Christmas, Irish-style!

Christmas Rainbows ~ Shut away for most of her life because of her handicap, Lissa Thornhill grew up in shame and yearned for acceptance and love.

Born in a thatched cottage in a tiny Irish village, the landlord saw something special in Pearse Ryan. But even though he became a fully qualified doctor, he can’t forget the one person he couldn’t save.

Can an enchanted Yuletide in the small Irish village of Ballycashel heal both their wounded hearts and bring a Christmas miracle?


The Christmas Shop ~ Maeve Brennan has lost everything she holds dear: her husband, her three children, and finally her home.

Micheál Lynch has one dream: bringing Christmas back to his three young children. He’ll do anything to achieve that dream, even if it means risking his own life.

Can some tiny Christmas angels unite these two lonely souls and bring them a real Christmas…and love?


The Old Claddagh Ring ~ Anna Clare Wycliffe has spent seventeen years longing for the twin sister torn from her arms when they were little more than babies. A surprise letter from California spurs a secret plan to visit her sister…but with no money of her own, and about to make her entrance into New York society, how can she carry it out?

Joe Donavan grew up on the mean streets of New York. He owes everything to the brother-in-law who gave him a job and a chance to become a man. He’s determined not to let him down. But what happens when a golden-haired, violet-eyed girl steals his heart and asks his help in fleeing her unhappy home? Will Joe sacrifice his most prized possession to give Anna Clare her heart’s desire?




Mistletoe and Shamrocks - A Christmas Anthology

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