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She was headstrong and idealistic...

Fiona MacDermott has dreamed of setting Ireland free since she was a little girl. Defying her stepmother's plans to launch her into New York's High Society, she takes her courage in her hands and steals off to Erin's green shores...and her future as a rebel heroine.

He'd been raised to hate...

Seanan Barry had been raised by his gran, a loving woman eaten up by bitterness. When he joined a local band of rebels to avenge was his family had suffered, the choice he was forced to make came near to destroying him. Torn apart by guilt and obligation, can he reconcile the past and find peace?
Fiona and Senan will find adventjre, danger, and searing passion in a small Irish village decimated by famine and neglect. But can their love survive when betrayal threatens to tear them apoart?

The final story in the Wild Geese Series!

Journey to Tomorrow - Wild Geese Book 8

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