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‘Twas in Ireland, in the mists of time, when a goldsmith fell in love with a princess.

A reluctant bride…

Breegeen, crown princess of Ceiliúradh, once dreamed of marrying the man she’d loved forever. Abandoned at the altar, she turned to another in her bitter hurt and despair.

A man haunted by his tortured past…

Tristan of Ceiliúradh lost everything the day he was torn from his home—his parents, his home, and the woman he loved. Now returned after three years in captivity, he’s determined to claim her again.

A kingdom haunted by its past…

Long ago, a devastated Ceiliúradh was brought back to life at the hands of a healer. Now the marauders have returned to claim revenge—and the kingdom. Can the Tristan and Breegeen prevent the people of Ceiliúradh from slavery?


He Moved Thro' the Fair- Children of the Swan Book 1

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